Shoni Schimmel Wraps Up Huge Season; Prepares for WNBA Playoffs (photos)

Shoni Schimmel Wraps Up Huge Season; Prepares for WNBA Playoffs (photos)

Amy Morris

In its final home game of the regular season, the Atlanta Dream ended with a 92-76 victory over the Tulsa Shock.

All-Star MVP Shoni Schimmel, had 13 points and 9 assists. Schimmel, Umatilla, had her second face-off with Tulsa Shock's point guard Angel Goodrich, Cherokee, who scored 6 points and had 1 assist.

When asked what the biggest factor is in how well her team plays at home, Schimmel told ICTMN, We feel the energy from our fans. We get that on the road, but at the same time, we are in our home; this is our atmosphere, and we know the court pretty well.”

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After the final home game, ICTMN caught up with Schimmel and asked her a few questions about her accomplishments as a rookie and how she’s preparing for the playoffs.

Heading into the playoffs, will you add or change anything to your routine?

Not at all, I’m just going out there and having fun playing basketball.

Any playoff predictions?

No. Honestly we are in a good place right now from the past two games. And we got back on track from where we were (referring to the 6 straight losses on the road).

Will your family get to attend any playoff games?

I think it depends on where the playoffs are, but hopefully they’ll get there.

As you look back over your rookie year, which of your many accomplishments are you most proud of?

I would say the MVP and playing in the All-star game was huge. My whole rookie year has been a great learning experience and it's been a lot of fun.

The Dream’s first playoff game is Friday, August 22 against the Chicago Sky. For the full playoff schedule, visit

See Morris's photos from the Dream's final game to the right.


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