Young Aboriginal Writers Celebrated

Young Aboriginal Writers Celebrated


Every year the James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award is given to up to six aboriginal students. The award includes $2,500 and a trip to Toronto for their family.

Winning entries included a story about a young man who must save his village from sickness, a poem about not feeling in control of our lives, and a short story about a girl and her horse.

This year’s award winners are:
Jenna Camire, 12, from Kenora
Sophie Bender-Johnston, 18, from Toronto
Bineshiinh Smoke-LeFort, 11, from Six Nations
Jared Bissaillion, 16, from Thessalon
Parker Waswa, 12, from Fort Hope
Charmaine Thomas, 16, from Big Trout Lake
The award was named after Bartleman, the first aboriginal lieutenant governor of Ontario, to support his efforts to promote literacy among aboriginal youth.

See the winners get their awards and hear some of their thoughts:

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