Notable Quotes


[Elders] who have practiced ... ceremonies most of their lives are deeply concerned when they see their sacred ways of life prostituted. — John Gisselbrecht

Popular Culture

Popular culture seems to represent Native Americans as these mythical beings of the past and the Heritage month activities are trying to break down those stereotypes. People should know that we aren't a monolithic group of people. We are comedians, authors, singers, and our cultures are very much alive today. — Nickole Fox

The Hearts of Little Children

The hearts of little children are pure, and therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things, which older people miss. — Black Elk

There Was a Time

There was a time when our people covered the whole land as the waves of the wind-ruffled sea cover its shell paved floor. But that time has long since passed away with the greatness of tribes now forgotten. I will not mourn over our untimely decay, nor reproach my paleface brothers with hastening it. — Chief Seath, Duwamish Tribe

The Stones Upon Our Mother Earth

For even the stones upon our Mother Earth shall weep their tears when we are gone. — J. "SpiritWolf" Vega Awarak

If You Listen

If you listen close at night, you will hear
the creatures of the dark, all of them sacred
- the owls, the crickets, the frogs,
the night birds - and you will hear beautiful songs,
songs you have never heard before.
Listen with your heart.
Never stop listening."

—Henry Quick Bear, Lakota


Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and  active principle." — Chief Standing Bear, Sioux 


Men must be born and reborn to belong. Their bodies must be formed of the dust of their forefathers. — Luther Standing Bear, Lakota


Because my roots are from Alaska. I'm the heartbeat of Alaska. I breathe, I walk, I eat what it offers from the land and the sea. I guess I want people in general to respect all the tribes of Alaska Natives. Because we are the very roots of Alaska. — Mary Ann Immamak

One Word

One word could have a thousand meanings. It is coming directly from the heart. When you do it in your own language there is a feeling you are conveying that is much stronger than using the English language. — Muriel Scott, Hopi