Notable Quotes

We Start Small

We start small like an acorn, with a limited education. Then we grow roots and our knowledge develops over time. As graduates, we are ready to spread our knowledge. — Elaina and Nisha Supahan, Karuk

Keep Learning

I want you to remember two things: keep learning and help others. —Karen Swisher, President, Haskell Indian Nations University

Our Future

We can help to shape our future. Don't let the negativity influence you or take away the goodness that exists in each one of us. — Douglas Blue Feather


Touch not the poisonous firewater that makes wise men turn to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. — Tecumseh, Shawnee

Consequence of Actions

What our Seventh Generation will have is a consequence of our actions today. — Winona LaDuke, Annishnabe

A Woman

Remember that I am just a woman who is living a very abundant life.  Every step I take forward is on a path paved by strong Indian women before me. — Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

My Heart Sings

My heart sings with pride when I think of the fighting my people, the red men of all tribes, did in this last great war; and if ever the hands of my own people hold the rope that keeps this country’s flag high in the air, it will never come down while an Absarokee warrior lives. — Chief Plenty Coups


It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the atrocities—intentional, neglectful, or accidental—perpetuated on Indian people by the conquering culture, and later by the very government that assumed responsibility for their protection. — Ben Nighthorse Campbell. Northern Cheyenne 

Music of the Indian

The music of the Indian is the spontaneous and sincere expression of the soul of a people. It springs from our own continent, and is thus, of all music, distinctly American. If Indian song be encouraged with Indian, and recognition of it awakened among our own people, America may one day contribute a unique music to the world of art. — Natalie Curtis, Musicologist


In 1868, men came out and brought papers. We could not read them and they did not tell us truly what was in them. We thought the treaty was to remove the forts and for us to cease from fighting. But they wanted to send us traders on the Missouri, but we wanted traders where we were. When I reached Washington, the Great Father explained to me that the interpreters had deceived me. All I want is right and just. — Chief Red Cloud