Notable Quotes

When It Comes

When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home. — Chief Aupumut in 1725, Mohican

I Am a Red Man

I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans, in my heart he put other and different desires. Each man is good in his sight. It is not necessary for Eagles to be Crows. We are poor... but we are free. No white man controls our footsteps. If we must die...we die defending. — Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

We Learned

We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of its indomitable spirit. — Tom Brown, Jr., The Tracker

There Is No Death

There is no death, only a change of worlds. — Duwamish

What the People Believe

What the people believe is true. — Anishinabe

Don't Be Afraid

Don't be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. — Hopi

We Are Not Isolated

We are not as isolated and uneducated as we once were. We have lawyers; we have political rights and a special political status. No longer do we allow encroachment within our own boundaries. — Ken Davis, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

My Children

My children, you have forgotten the customs and traditions of your forefathers. You have bought guns, knives, kettles, and blankets from the white man until you can no longer do without them; and what is worse you have drunk the poison firewater,   which turns you into fools. Fling all these things away; live as your forefathers did before you. — Pontiac, Odowa

When You Lose a Language

When you lose a language and a language goes extinct,  it's like dropping a bomb on the Louvre. — Michael Krauss

A Long Time Ago

A long time ago this land belonged to our fathers, but when I go up to the river I see camps of soldiers on its banks. These soldiers cut down my timber, they kill my buffalo and when I see that, my heart feels like bursting. — Satanta, Kiowa Chief