Notable Quotes

Vote for Freedom

Combine Indigenous and general public voter blocks. Walk together in support of change. Vote unanimously for freedom. — Leonard Peltier

Who We Are

People need to understand who we are today, and the struggles we’ve had to go through just to remain who we are, just to live our culture. We’re part of mainstream America but we still have to live in two lives. — Chief Steve Adkins, Chickahominy


Traditions are not laws. They're just agreements that people agree to do certain things at certain times with each other to keep order, harmony.... Traditions have to bend and flex, and they have to meet the needs of the people in the current times. — Howard Bad Hand, Sicangu Lakota


Hope and Resiliency

Hope and resiliency. These are your greatest strengths. We can work together. Sisters and brothers, all of one human family. Your generation and mine. — Leonard Peltier


I think sometimes people have a hard time accepting that the United States is the homeland of indigenous people. This is where the Creator placed us. And people get very angry and upset about the rights we have. If we shouldn't have rights, then who should? — Venida Chenault


Education can be one of the big cures for our social ills. — Jerry Fontaine

Native Youth

Native youth may appear passive, but they have a lot to say. We need to listen to them more and not shut them down. — Jana Mashonee, Lumbee

Your Culture

It’s important to not just be involved in your culture and what goes on in your world. It’s good to see other cultures and what you’re not used to. — Shawna Gutierrez, 15


God made me an Indian. — Sitting Bull


Does this generation love justice enough to ask that it be shown to the red men? Have we not as a people fixed the brutal maxim in our language, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian?" We laugh at the saying now as a good jest, but the cheeks of our descendants will redden with shame when they read the coarse brutality of our wit. — Fletcher Johnson, United States.