Notable Quotes


Values are, and always will be, sacred. — Billy Mills


Knowledge can be learned but until it is truly experienced, it does not become wisdom. — Selo Black Crow. Lakota

Our Sacred Sites

Our sacred sites are more precious than gold. — Phil Emerson, Quechan

Brothers and Sisters

 We may be different tribes, but we're all brothers and sisters. — Opal Gore, Comanche Nation

The Spirits

One of the things the old people taught me about the spirits was to never have a doubt. — Wallace Black Elk

Losing the Language

Losing the language means losing the culture. We need to know who we are because it makes a difference in who our children are. — Dottie LeBeau


Every single person has leadership ability. Some step up and take them. Some don't. My answer was to step up and lead. — Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

People Will Surprise You

Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you. — Jeffrey Zaslow

Spiritual Limbo

We all need a belief system. Christianity really disrupted the kinship unit. In the 1930s we weren’t even allowed to go to some of the traditional funerals. Now, our people no longer go to the Christian churches, and they don’t know their own Native belief systems. In a sense they are in spiritual limbo. — Beatrice Medicine, Lakota


The most cowardly way of quitting is hitting. — Billy Mills