Notable Quotes


If one Native child is belittled or ridiculed for being of Native ancestry as a result of schools using inappropriate Native names and symbols, this is unacceptable. —Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. D-New Jersey


There's so many Native Americans that coulda-shoulda-woulda but didn't do anything.  It's almost sickening how much talent is (there). — Shoni Schimmel, Umatilla Indian Reservation


My elders said, "Know where your water comes from. Know your fire. Know where you are going to find your food." — Grandmother Mona Polacca, Hopi/Havasupai


After the chaos of this time, there will be peace. — Rita Pitka Blumenstein, Yup'ik

A Price to Pay

There is a price to pay, a payment that has to happen to protect sacred places. — Tim Mentz, Standing Rock Sioux

Boarding Schools

There is still a legacy from boarding schools. All the way from a lack of parenting to feelings of oppression, to say nothing of the loss of language and culture. — Carmen Taylor, executive director of the National Indian School Board Association.

Popular Culture

Popular culture seems to represent Native Americans as these mythical beings of the past and the Heritage month activities are trying to break down those stereotypes. People should know that we aren't a monolithic group of people. We are comedians, authors, singers, and our cultures are very much alive today. — Nickole Fox

Traditions and Language

Generations have struggled to learn, despite efforts to eliminate our traditions and language. Having a strong sense of yourself and your community is a great foundation for learning. — Agnes Chavis, Lumbee

End the Holocaust

Together we can end the holocaust against the environment. — Haida Gwaiil Traditional Circle of Elders

Be Proud

Regardless of where we fit in, we need to be proud of our people. — Harry James Sr., Navajo