Notable Quotes

My Children

My children, education is the ladder to all our needs. Tell our people to take it.

We Are Living

We are living in a time when we all need to come together and help one another. The spirits say we need to learn to get along.

If One Native Child

If one Native child is belittled or ridiculed for being of Native ancestry as a result of schools using inappropriate Native names and symbols, this is unacceptable.


Some people say that Indians can survive without recognition, but in this day and age, they can’t.

Back in the Day

People only think of Native Americans as "back in the day." Every other culture is in the present.

The Happiest People

The happiest people I've ever met, regardless of their profession, their social standing, or their economic status, are people that are fully engaged in the world around them. The most fulfilled people are those who get up every morning and stand for something larger than themselves. They are people who care about others, people who will extend a helping hand to someone in need or will speak up about an injustice when they see it.


Combine Indigenous and general public voter blocks. Walk together in support of change. Vote unanimously for freedom.


Education can be one of the big cures for our social ills.

No Greater Honor

There is no greater honor than being under the guidance of the Great Spirit.

You Have to Humble Yourself

You have to humble yourself. You will be blessed according to your humility.