Notable Quotes


The role of food is important, but it's gotten to the point where we become gluttons.... We could spend a lot more time really thinking about what's going on in our world and giving more thanks. — Flying Eagle, chief of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

A Price to Pay

There is a price to pay, a payment that has to happen to protect sacred places. — Tim Mentz, Standing Rock Sioux.

Poor and Forgotten

There are lots of people who are poor and forgotten. We need to remember the elders and what they’ve done for us. We want them to know that we appreciate them. — Thomas Mentzer, Hopi High teacher

Native Laws

Our traditional Native laws supersede state, county and federal law. We have a lot of power. — Antoinette Red Woman, Tsisistas Northern Cheyenne

The Environment

The environment is everybody. It's not strictly tribal. — Jesse Urbanic, Lummi

I Am Going Ahead

You stay here. I am going ahead. — Ishi, Yahi, before his death.

Andrew Jackson

If I had known that Andrew Jackson would drive us from our homes, I would have killed him that day at Horseshoe Bend. — Junaluska, Cherokee

Learn From Your Mistakes

The old people say, "Learn from your mistakes." So I try to accept everything for what it is  and to make the best of each situation one day at a time. — Dr. A.C.Ross, Lakota

Your Work

Your work is a reflection on you, and if you don't do a good job, what does that say about you? — Lee Sakiestewa

Hopeful People

Optimistic, hopeful people view barriers and obstacles as problems to be solved and not as the reason to give up or turn back. Positive people never, ever give up. — Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee