Notable Quotes

Our Children

Our children were never known to cry of hunger, and no stranger, red or white, was permitted to enter our lodges without finding food and rest. — Black Hawk

We Start Small

We start small like an acorn, with a limited education. Then we grow roots and our knowledge develops over time. As graduates, we are ready to spread our knowledge. — Elaina and Nisha Supahan, Karuk


How do you embrace an unknown future? By education. We can make a change in our little world. — Mike Jackson, Sr., Quechan


Generations have struggled to learn, despite efforts to eliminate our traditions and language. Having a strong sense of yourself and your community is a great foundation for learning. — Agnes Chavis, Lumbee

Voice of the Voiceless

The voice of the voiceless must be heard. — Maxine Brings Him Back-Janis, Lakota

The Color

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination. — Ward Elliot Hour


Have you ever noticed that aliens never abduct Indians? Too much trouble.— Joe Medina, Lipan Apache

Share It

What you learn, take it with you and share it with others.— Tony Incashola, Flathead

Pick Yourself Up

Don’t listen to peers who say you can’t do what you want to do. If you fail at something, just pick yourself up and try again. That’s what I did. — Milton Paddlety, Kiowa 

Know Your Teacher

If one ventures into another religious faith, it's best to know your teacher. — Jodi Lee Rave