Matthew H. Birkhold
[For many, this Holiday Season is an occasion to reevaluate the Pilgrim story and celebrate our new understanding of the historical relationship between Europeans and Native Americans. This year, let’s continue to challenge our thinking, even after...
Peter d'Errico
The oral argument in Dollar General v. Choctaw Indians opened on an inauspicious note. The lawyer for Dollar General summarized and challenged the Choctaw argument that "when the Tribes entered the United States and were incorporated into this...
Julianne Jennings
How did the English language become the most widely spoken language in the world? The influence of American business, combined with the tradition of English language (either blunt or subtle) left around the world by the British Empire, have made...
Shawn Bordeaux
Can you hear me now? Today, many associate this question with cell phone providers who famously boast of the coverage of their networks—even if such coverage does not extend to South Dakota and the sacred Black Hills. But for too many members of the...
Dave Archambault Sr.
On February 2, 2015, Governor Dennis Daugaard issued an Executive Order creating an advisory board to explore alternative schooling models for possible use in the education of Indian children.  Melody Schopp, the State’s Education Director, made a...
Anthony Broadman & Jared Miller
Tribal governments that disenroll members do it for the money. Or at least it appears that way in many cases. Tribal councils who engage in disenrollment turn their members into non-Indians in exchange for a bigger slice of tribal gaming profits....
Sandra LaFleur
I have been following the debate on social media regarding the 25,000 Syrian refugees and the angst and internal processes some Canadians are experiencing in their inability to accept the newcomers. And each rant that I read always brings me back to...
Alex Jacobs
The name Edward S. Curtis immediately invokes spirited discussions amongst Native and non-Native artists, scholars and just plain folks who are attracted to the historic, romantic and nostalgic. From the beginning Curtis had critics, notably Franz...
Charles Kader
The old union hall sat silently at night. Ironworkers Local #348 was part of the Labor Temple Building, located on State Street, which is the original, main thoroughfare through this northern port city. The small family restaurant and bar located...
Robert DesJarlait
On November 22, the Minnesota Vikings organization hosted a special halftime event at TCF Bank Stadium in recognition of Native American Heritage Month. In front of 52,000+ fans, the RedBone Singers and Dancers performed in a historic performance –...
Ruth Hopkins
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed Jody Wilson-Raybould, a First Nations woman, as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General. I was pleased to hear this. Natives were here before borders. We share mutual struggles and interests. I’m...
James Mills
To a large degree, the sovereignty that tribes in the United States have over their membership is often taken for granted. In Canada, the difference has been stark. Until 1985 and the passage of Bill C-31, only the federal government of Canada based...
Steven Newcomb
On November 25, 2015, The New York Times published Ned Blackhawk’s op-ed piece “The Struggle for Justice on Tribal Lands.” Blackhawk (Western Shoshone) is a professor of history and American studies at Yale University, and the author of “Violence...
Frank Hopper
  In a maximum-security prison in Coleman, Florida, a 71-year-old Native man sits at an easel painting. His back hurts so much it's hard for him to walk. He needs someone to help support him for the first few steps. Squinting through reading glasses...