Myra Wilensky
In June, the State Department issued a Federal Register notice announcing its intent to move ahead with a new environmental impact statement (EIS) as it considers approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Late last year, President Obama...
Alma Ransom
Today, with Kateri’s success I am proud to be a Mohawk. Our people have responded to the pleas for donations that will be used to host the 73rd Annual Tekakwitha Conference. Food Sales, garage sales, auctions, football and hockey pools, and bingos...
Ruth Hopkins
Every now and again, I suffer from bouts of technology fatigue. I remember a simpler time. When I was a kid growing up on the rez, we didn’t have cell phones—heck, we didn’t even have voicemail or caller ID. Sometimes we didn’t have a phone in our...
Steven Newcomb
In a previous column on this topic, I pointed to various historical illustrations of plans by agents of the U.S. government, by means of ‘the Indian system,’ to destroy Indian nations and peoples while profiting from the outcome, in terms of money,...
David Wilkins
Native American people and the distinctive nations they belong to exist in a paradoxical world. They are the original nations of North America, a fact that is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause and in the nearly 400 ratified...
Chad Yazzie
The political power fronts between federal and state governments are complicated and sometimes volatile. From the validity of healthcare reform legislation, states’ rights, and congressional power to regulate commerce, the political struggle between...
Sarah Deer
While we wait for Congress to do the right thing and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, there are important things that tribal leaders can do right now to protect Native women. I'm talking about improving tribal statutes and dedicating more...
Faith Franz
In 2008, the Office of Alaska Native Health Research revealed that two of the top three cancer hazards for American Indian Alaskans were military chemicals and asbestos. Unfortunately for many U.S. veterans, military hazards and asbestos hazards...
Joseph Valandra
The Bureau of Indian Affairs website declares, “The United States has a unique legal and political relationship with Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities as provided by the Constitution of the United States, treaties, court decisions and Federal...
Delvin Cree
Over two years ago I addressed some health issues surrounding FEMA trailers my tribe, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, was receiving. These trailers have come in a form of travel trailers and mobile units. We received hundreds of them....
Steven Newcomb
Given that a capitol dome is part of what constitutes domination of and by “the State,” it makes sense to talk in terms of ‘The Domeland," rather than ‘The Homeland." If we were living a science fiction story—and often these days it feels as if we...
Julianne Jennings
Gli Indiani d'America sono Uomini, Non Hamburger! The legend of the Wild West in contemporary Europe as portrayed by Hollywood has determined the many ways most Europeans embrace the mythology of the American Frontier—to enhance, imbue, or create...
David Beaulieu
At February's National Indian Education Association (NIEA) Legislative Summit in Washington D.C., William Mendoza was asked about the administration’s proposal to move the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) to the Department of Education that had been...
Cedric Sunray
“…the guys on the real reservations have no concern about federal recognition. They already have it.” As opposed to what, “fake” reservations? On June 28, this statement was e-mailed by Dr. Richard Allen, policy analyst for and tribal member of the...