Dan Jones
To attempt to appeal the Cobell settlement decision as unfair was an honorable and brave thing for you to do as far as I am concerned. Not a very popular position in the face of the government announcing they intend to blast money across Indian...
Cedric Sunray
If you are more familiar with Native Peoples and This Week From Indian Country Today magazines than XXL or The Source, you may want to take a closer look. After facilitating workshops for tribal teenagers this past month, as I have many days and...
Harold Monteau
We need to stop thinking about being "Indian" as being a matter of race or culture (both of which are just part of our reality) and think about being Indian in terms of citizenship in a "Native Nation." Race should not define us although it is part...
Steven Newcomb
Once in a while a book comes along that is transformative. Murder State, by Brendan Lindsay, is such a book. Recently released by University of Nebraska Press, Murder State is heart- wrenching and deeply informative. I see it as one of the most...
Harsha Walia
The Oak Creek Gurudwara is my brother’s and frequently my parents' sangat. Over the years, they have described to me how, with deep love and commitment, the community came together to build the Gurudwara. How every week the Gurudwara provided a...
Steve Russell
The terrorists beat us on 9/11 in that they changed our lives for the worse. I am reminded of President Bush's asinine remark, "They hate us for our freedom." I used to joke about the corollary to that. If our own government took away our freedom...
Peter d'Errico
The latest bad news about Indian reservations is getting worse; but there is a silver lining. U.S. Attorney Ken Gonzales says violence on Indian reservations is "a kind of brutality that I don’t think a lot of people understand completely."...
John Steele
Our Indian nations and tribes are the first American sovereigns. Our people were always free. When Red Cloud saw the American flag he asked what it meant. He was told it is the symbol of the United States. So, he took out an arrow and tied an...
Lloyd Miller
On June 18 the Supreme Court issued a rare decision favoring Indian Tribes in a one billion dollar case pitting the Tribes against the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the U.S. Indian Health Service. The epic battle had been brewing for over 20 years...
Steve Russell
Should Indians show up when elections are called by the colonial state? I can’t say “Yes” because a more appropriate answer is “Hell, yes!” Bias out front: my first career was as a state court judge, which is an elected position. If Indians...
Kevin Powell
“How come all these crazies are white boys?” my white male friend Michael Cohen asked me via email in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. It is something I have been hearing nonstop these past few days since 24-year-old James...
Crystal Willcuts
Oh Chick-fil-A, when will you love again? Why drag waffle fries into this? They are innocent I tell you! In July, Dan Cathy, president of the popular Georgia-based fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, made anti-gay comments on a radio show saying that “we’...
Devon G. Peña, Ph.D.
One of the consequences of the conquest and settlement of North and South America by Europeans was the displacement and destruction of native biological and cultural diversity. The environmental historian Alfred Crosby has called the European...
Simon Moya-Smith
It’s not every day that you get a revered professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School to publicly confirm that the Bering Strait theory is “not a fact." Well, today I did and later I’ll celebrate over fluffy frybread, powdered sugar and rivers...