Bob and Charlene Burns
There are so many people in Indian country processing the loss of our Blackfoot scholar, philosopher, activist, teacher, ceremonialist, healer, family member and friend, Tatsikiistamik (Middle Bull) Narcisse Blood. When a person does the work to...
Dean B. Suagee
From the media coverage of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, one might get the impression that the only real issue is whether its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would substantially contribute to global warming. For people who are in denial about...
Peter d'Errico
Are you puzzled about the violence of the Islamic State, how killing and torture can be justified by religious doctrines? Have you thought that Muslim violence today echoes Christian violence in the Crusades and the Inquisition? If so, you likely...
Cedric Sunray
Eleanor Cook rolled out of bed, nervous, but excited about what the future held that day. Shunned from attendance at the local white and black schools of rural Virginia, state officials and Bureau of Indian Affairs representatives had for years been...
Harlan McKosato
The smoke you see coming from tribal lands is no longer the stereotypical smoke signals. The smoke is coming from the mouths of Native people who are pro-legalization of marijuana, and from the ears of those who are against it. I say this tongue-in-...
David Rooks
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree Where Alph, the sacred river, ran … Down to a sunless sea. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1797 The Rapid City equivalent to “a stately pleasure-dome” is the downtown Civic Center, where Rapid Creek...
Jacqueline Keeler
Last Sunday, I stood in downtown Phoenix with 100 other Native American protestors chanting “No More Victims, No More Stereotypes” and praying for Indigenous women—our sisters—who have fallen to domestic violence, rape, and murder. Around us blared...
Tom Harris
Today, many of the world¹s leaders in science, engineering, and other relevant disciplines will not comment publicly about climate change. They fear being labeled as “scare mongers,” or deniers, or funded by special interest groups, or not caring...
Peter d'Errico
Just when we thought the Papacy might be ready to confront its historical role in dispossessing and dominating indigenous peoples around the world, Pope Francis decides to carry forward the process started by John Paul II to make a saint of the man...
Tanya H. Lee
The sequencing of the human genome and the science that made that feat possible have led to some fascinating new research into genetics. Among the most intriguing projects are those that link poverty to genetic changes in children and those that...
Steven Newcomb
Quite a number of articles of late have asked whether it’s a good idea for Pope Francis to declare Franciscan priest Junipero Serra to be a Catholic saint. Most of the discussion has remained narrowly focused on Serra personally. Discussion of the...
Michael Paul Hill
For several years I have been attending the United Nations Permanent Form on Indigenous Issues in New York City. And during those years I have come to learn and understand how corporations and governments behave toward Indigenous Peoples when it...
Gabriel S. Galanda
For most of the modern tribal self-determination era, American Indian nations have emphasized inclusion. Starting in the early 1970s, higher tribal membership numbers equated to higher federal self-determination dollars. As tribes otherwise...
National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media
Dear Governor Dennis Daugaard, Attorney General Marty Jackley, Mayor Sam Kooiker, Police Chief Karl Jegeris, President John Yellow Bird Steele, Tribal Councilman Ron Duke, and Tribal Councilman Rich Greenwald: The National Coalition Against Racism...