Leadership ( 41 )
How leadership is critical in a time of dissension and backlash; why we should admire past leaders such as Crazy Horse.
Media ( 71 )
Stereotypes in the dominant culture, and pushing to be heard in mainstream movies and news outlets.
Military ( 38 )
Honoring American Indian veterans and code talkers, and the American government’s reprehensible tarnishing of Geronimo’s name.
Personal History ( 114 )
Various reflections, recollections and thoughts on memory and experiences.
Racism ( 268 )
Commentary on race-driven bias, and combatting it; how it affects the lives of Native and non-Natives.
Sovereignty ( 118 )
Self-determination, self-governance and what nation-to-nation status means in regards to treaty obligations and independence.
Spirituality ( 78 )
Celebrating and practicing ceremony, the Sundance, and living lives blessed with an understanding of spirit-driven creation.
Symbols ( 14 )
Iconography and the appropriation of cultural images by mainstream Americans.