Peter d'Errico
Pope Francis recently trumped political correctness on yet another sensitive topic: the Turkish massacre of Armenian people 100 years ago. The pope's remarks were made at a commemoration mass in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome for the centenary of...
Ed Rice
Our campaign to end the use of Native American nicknames and mascots by Maine’s public schools has reached the last community, Skowhegan, still clinging to the tenets protected by acceptable institutional racism. With former Penobscot Chief Barry...
Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy
Montana is fortunate to be home to eight tribal nations that have played an important role in our state’s heritage and culture. When the framers drafted our state’s constitution, they recognized the importance of these sovereign nations. What they...
Bob Gough
Since the first Native Peoples/Native Homelands Climate Change Workshop 15 years ago, the perils of an accelerating disruption in our Mother Earth's natural systems have risen from climate model predictions to observable weather extremes, breaking...
Donna Loring
Being Indian in the State of Maine is like living on an iceberg of racism—a raceburg. Maine is the whitest State in America and it has been very white for at least the last two hundred years. Of course, it had to clear the land and get rid of those...
Harlan McKosato
The Navajo Nation is in a tug-of-war that goes beyond just politics. The struggle is about more than just language fluency. In some ways it’s about the old guard and keeping traditions. Living in the heart of the Southwest for more than two decades...
Steven Newcomb
In his book Captives of Sovereignty (2010), Jonathon Havercroft points out that a number of contemporary political philosophers (Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben, and Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri) have regarded “sovereignty” as an...
John Guenther
My name is John Guenther and I have been employed in many positions involving work with people impacted by marijuana. I have seen firsthand the destruction this drug causes. If you added up all the reasons for adolescents going to treatment—...
Dolph L. Hatfield
It was a cool, late autumn Sunday and the Washington football team was playing a home game. Joseph Bennett, an African American gentleman in his early 60’s, was sitting in his usual seat, wearing his customary Indian headdress and burgundy...
Steve Russell
When I first started university teaching, I was many times the bearer of shocking news to some young woman that her grandmother was not allowed to vote. By the time I retired, the news that I had personally observed black people required to use...
Walter Lamar
Hopefully the title of this piece convinced you to read a few lines to get an idea what I am observing on our territories. Together we can sound an important alarm in our communities. Only if we understand the threat can we properly educate others...
Paul Moorehead
Having lost hundreds of millions of acres of land to allotment and tax auction, sale, fraud and federal chicanery beginning in the late 1880s, Indian tribes have ever since been on a decades-long mission to acquire and reconsolidate their once-...
Charles Kader
The recent communication from the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne band council regarding American border security initiatives reveals a basic human understanding. No person or group should be treated with disdain based upon who they are as people, or...
Sheldon Wolfchild
My fifth Great Grandfather was Chief Black Dog also known as Big Eagle. his original village was and is located near the mouth of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. BDOTE (as our ancestors called it, “the center of the earth”), where the rivers...