W. Ron Allen, Lynn Malerba & Jefferson Keel
When the United States government signed treaties with Indian nations in the 1800s, it established a trust relationship to provide certain funding and services in exchange for tribal lands. But for nearly 200 years, American Indian and Alaska Native...
Brian Cladoosby
Last week, Judge Daniel L. Hovland of the United States District Court for North Dakota issued a preliminary injunction against North Dakota’s strict voter identification-card law, which made it difficult and sometimes impossible for some Native...
Winona LaDuke
What is it about that Lateral Oppression? I want to speak out on some white feminists. While I fully understand the critique of the privileging of white feminists and their ability, historically, who feel that they can speak on our behalf: this is...
Ruth Hopkins
As a reservation NDN descended from exiles who went to war against the U.S. Government, I've been under surveillance by the Feds my entire life. I was born at an old military fort on tribal land: Fort Yates, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Sioux...
Elicia Goodsoldier
  On June 7, the United States House of Representatives passed H. R. 129, a bipartisan piece of legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), urging Germany to reaffirm its financial commitment to address the health and welfare needs...
Harold Monteau
The modern era has unfolded in the shadow of the French Revolution. Almost all future revolutionary movements looked back to the Revolution as their predecessor. Its central phrases and cultural symbols, such as La Marseillaise and Liberté, égalité...
Steve Russell
My colleague Steve Newcomb accuses the first great Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall, of telling stories. Just so, and let me be clear that by “great” I mean a public figure who dared greatly and achieved greatly. I do not mean I’m...
Peter d'Errico
Don't look for an understanding of Indian Peoples in Naomi Schaefer Riley's book, The New Trail of Tears, despite its subtitle, "How Washington is Destroying American Indians." Riley separates Indian people—individuals—from Indian Peoples. The title...
Charles Kader
Recently I won a promotional copy of the 2016 book Takedown, by Jeff Buck. Mr. Buck, the self-described “dope ghost” undercover police officer from suburban Ohio, details his accounts of drug investigations that he took part in, including the...
Ruth Hopkins
There is a disconnect between white feminists and self-identifying feminists and womanists who are Women of Color (WoC). Unfortunately, this issue is likely to worsen as Hillary Clinton, a powerful white feminist herself, runs for President of the...
Johnny Rustywire
Burnham Junction was dry; there had been no water all summer. The sagebrush was a dull gray; the sun had baked the color of straw out of it. It was a long walk heading down the road, a single lane paved road that led from the junction back down the...
Dina Gilio-Whitaker
As Native people we are no strangers to grief. Profound grief. With a growing literature on historical trauma, we have clearer understandings about how the political realities of colonization have affected us on the individual level. We can, for...
Steven Newcomb
Five years ago, in June 2011, a Native Leadership Forum was held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California. A Forum manual for the event opens with the following quote from Felix S. Cohen, dated 1942: "Perhaps the most basic...
Pamela J. Peters
I am Diné, an American Indian. Not the Indian princess of a Disney movie, not the enemy combatant in a Western film, not the romantic, stoic relic of an old Edward Curtis photograph. I was born and raised on the Navajo Nation Reservation, where my...