Richard Handler & Laura Goldblatt
Over the past two years, we have studied images of Native Americans as represented in a major form of American public art: stamps issued by the United States Post Office. Though the debate about the name of Washington’s NFL franchise has paid little...
Fred John Jr.
My mother was Katie John. Her name has become symbolic across the state of Alaska for her life-long legal battle to protect traditional rights. The state views her as a threat while her supporters view her as a hero. But to me, Katie John is simply...
Gary Davis
Over the week of October 6th, Native Americans from across the United States will be in Milwaukee for the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s Regional Reservation Economic Summit, or RES Wisconsin. Though our annual National...
Julianne Jennings
Editor’s Note: From time to time, our contributors find themselves in far flung places doing very interesting and world changing things. It appears that it is Jennings turn to turn on the world to indigenous thinking and world views. We wish her...
Darren Bonaparte
Whether it’s a pop star wearing a headdress in a music video or a sports team fighting to keep a racial slur for its name, cultural misappropriation seems to be a national past-time. The iconic Indian chief, warrior, and princess have been part of...
Jessica Carro
Baton twirlers, fancy cars and pretty pageant girls with Christmas-colored sashes. These are the things I remember seeing when I went to a Columbus Day Parade a few years back. But of course, those weren’t Christmas colors. Veterans in uniforms...
Donna Ennis
The following first was printed in The Daily Yonder and passed on to us by the author and the DY editor. For hundreds of years Native Americans have fought colonization and banishment from their own lands. Now, in an ironic twist, some Native...
Peter d'Errico
The effort to relegate "redskins" to the wastebasket of historical racism stirs up a backlash from so-called "fans" of the epithet. One backlash aims at the group EONM—Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry. EONM describes itself as "a grassroots...
DaShanne Stokes
The season premiere of South Park, which aired September 24, struck a chord familiar to many viewers and is sure to set the Washington football team scrambling to recover lost yardage. In the 18th season opener, the cartoon show’s entrepreneurial...
Dante Desiderio
Last month, Congress passed legislation to permanently increase tribal authority to provide governmental services to their citizens without creating a taxable event. This action is the culmination of a multi-year engagement between Indian country,...
Steven Newcomb
On August 27, 2014, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a split (2-1) decision in the case White v. University of California. The case involves a dispute regarding two 9,000 + year old ancestral remains which the...
Jon Whirlwind Horse
For two decades, the Dakota Consortium of Treaty Schools (DACTS), has worked with our friends in Congress to address the sad state of school facilities in Indian country. There are 15 tribes from Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota represented...
Crystal Willcuts
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this was written to honor my mother and every life touched by this devastating disease. Who would have thought a short walk on the beach on an ordinary day could symbolize so many things. For me, it stood...
Jack Duran
In a historical live streamed court hearing concerning the Big Lagoon Tribe’s gaming project, the 9th circuit court slammed the State of California over many points of law and procedure concerning their challenge to the federal governments...