Charles Kader
  In reading over the 2013 State of Indian Nations address by outgoing President Jefferson Keel of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), a number of talking points of emphasis stood out as compelling subjects for further examination. Mr...
John Christian Hopkins
One of my favorite things to do each month – besides taking a shower – is to read the Crime Waves section of The Four Corners Free Press in Cortez, Colorado. They represent the drama, comedy and tragedy of real life. And sometimes there’s even a...
Peter d'Errico
International Science Times reports that a Harvard Medical School professor, George Church, has reconstructed Neanderthal DNA and is looking for "an adventurous female human" to be the surrogate mother for a hybrid human-Neanderthal embryo. The...
Chuck Trimble
      A news story on Indianz.com tells that James A. Czywczynski, owner the lands where the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre took place, is offering to sell that 40-acre sacred site for $3.9 million. The decision to sell the land and to offer the right...
Mark Trahant
Let’s jump right to the big questions: Did President Barack Obama’s State of the Union do anything to resolve the deep differences in philosophy and policy on Capitol Hill? Was there any common ground? Did he lay the groundwork to find enough votes...
Nathan Lefthand
This is probably not a new idea; most ideas are not. So let’s say it’s an idea that’s time has come about again. The idea is to make the Navajo Nation the 51st state within the United States of America. The State of Navajo. It’s almost Zen, how it...
Steven Newcomb
On January 21, 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama took the oath office for the second time, reportedly placing his hand on the travel Bible of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A great many people will no doubt think it ironically fitting that President...
Charmaine White Face
There is a situation brewing in western South Dakota that has quite a few people concerned about the safety of soldiers in the South Dakota Army National Guard. It’s not that they will be going overseas to fight. Rather, it is that they are in...
Ruth Hopkins
Genocide has found a new disguise: that of adolescent suicide. According to the Indian Health Service, Natives who fall between 10 and 24 years of age have the highest rate of suicide of all racial groups. Despite this epidemic, we’re still failing...
Donna Ennis
I have worked with over a thousand foster youth in the past 20 years. Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites I am able to stay in contact with them after they have left foster care and moved onto other settings. I recently connected with...
Steve Russell
The Sue & Chew is the new wave of courthouse snack bars. The food is bad enough to fend off the temptation to hang around longer than you must, but not so bad as to upset your stomach, because you can’t be interrupting trials for too many rest...
Leonard Masten
The AP has reported that seven fisheries scientists from the Klamath Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) filed a complaint claiming they had been the victims of political retribution. Like many who came before them these scientist claimed their science was...
Jay Daniels
The first of the second round of tribal consultations between the Department of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of the Special Trustee (OST) and various tribes took place at the Mystic Lake Resort & Casino, hosted by...
Donna Ennis,
Much of the current resistance to Idle No More movement is rooted in fear, from the dominant culture, that Indigenous people want social change, are feeling agitated and seem determined to make this change a reality.  Agitation occurs when people...