Steve Russell
Let’s talk about liberals and conservatives, in spite of the fact that Indian issues do not split that way. Environmental and economic issues do split that way, and Indians have not yet figured out how to segregate air and water and wildlife. To the...
Myrna Gardner
Since November 27, 2013, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has been receiving public comments on Flint Hill Resources’ request to reduce its liability to clean up drinking water at its North Pole refinery that is seriously...
Jacqueline Keeler
In an interview on a Washington D.C. radio show in September, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “I know the team name is part of their history and tradition, and that’s something that’s important to the redsk*ns fans. I think what we have to do...
Corrine Wilson & Bruce Bleakman
A recent Indian Country Today Media Network column addressed issues facing tribes related to accounting, financial reporting and auditing. The piece states that information contained in the financial statements of Tribes “...for all practical...
Simon Moya-Smith
I'm in no mood to write today. I just feel like sitting here, at this coffee shop in the West Village, Café Minerva, and muse on what it is and what the hell it all means. There's a guy, just there, beyond the bar, who resembles Philip Seymour...
Ralph Goodale
There are several things wrong with the Harper government’s never-ending claims that they are brilliant tax cutters. To start with, the claims are untrue. Their first fiscal decision after taking office in 2006 was to increase personal income taxes...
Ray Austin
It is time for federal agencies to increase efforts to hire and recruit Native Americans. Even if 5 percent of the 90,000 jobs were designated for hiring Native Americans (NA), that would mean 4,470 jobs. In a recent May 2013 nationwide recruitment...
Jay Daniels
The Cobell settlement, approved on November 24, 2011, provides for a $1.9 billion Trust Land Consolidation Fund (Fund). The Settlement charges the U.S. Department of the Interior with the responsibility to use the Fund within a 10-year periodto...
Dale Schlundt
When one says American Indian, what comes to mind? Is it the fierce-looking warrior on horseback or perhaps the individual in war paint holding a repeating rifle, ever ready for battle? We have so many political and societal issues being discussed...
Winona LaDuke
These are two fundamental, and essential emotions which allow us to live well. I could say function in society, but that seems too clinical. Remorse—to feel sorry, to express regret; (minjinawezid- he is regretful). And, gratitude, migwechiwendam,...
Steve Russell
Age brings introspection.   When you retire, when you withdraw from the daily hurly-burly to live on your pension (if you are lucky enough to have a pension), it dawns on you that whatever you will contribute to moving things along has pretty well...
Amy Moore & Mike Taylor
Beds are for white people. I (Mike) have never had a bed at home. Why have a bed that takes up so much space when you can neatly tuck away a sleeping bag in the morning? When money is scarce, when rooms are tiny, when you live in a trailer, or when...
Robert Warrior
Ryan Bellerose’s unfortunate recent op-ed essay in Indian Country Today Media Network, “Don’t Mix Indigenous Fight with Palestinian Rights," would be laughable and easy to dismiss given how heavy on bluster and light on accuracy it is. The essay,...
Steve Russell
The title of this column brings to mind the unsuccessful confirmation hearing for the man whose name—Robert Bork—became a verb, “to Bork,” meaning to wrap so many of a nominee’s absurd ideas around his neck that he sinks. Bork was nominated to the...