C. Timothy McKeown
On Friday, April 12, Néret-Minet Tessier & Sarrou in Paris is scheduled to auction 70 Native American masks dating between 1880 and 1940. The auction catalogue describes each mask, provides a photograph, details the materials used in its...
Steven Newcomb
Pope Francis—Jorge Mario Bergoglio—is 76 years old. He is the first pope from Latin America, the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope of our time not born in Europe. He is from Argentina, a region of the world colonized by the Spanish crown in the...
Charles Kader
A Métis friend of mine has recently been seen on the Game Show Network as part of the cast of the reality show, Family Trade. He is not the star, but his media appearances contrast with the humble beginnings of his own family, who until relatively...
Dustin Monroe
The Montana voter registration and mobilization program started by Western Native Voice in 2011 had a large impact on the 2012 election. Operating a community-centered, grassroots-based voter registration drive on all seven Indian reservations and...
Robert Odawi Porter
Congress is now considering the legalization of gambling over the Internet. Indian country, which has invested billions of dollars in traditional “bricks and mortar” businesses, should be extremely worried about this effort. If successful, many of...
Cole R. DeLaune
Less than a month after the dead-man-walking candidacies of Richard Mourdock and a now infamous Missourian culminated in predictable blowouts, a governor emeritus of South Dakota announced his own bid for the Senate in the forthcoming 2014 midterms...
Hayley Hutt
Recent news of the Klamath Tribe’s victory in a water rights battle after 38 years of court proceedings came as no surprise to the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Hoopa knows that tribal water rights and tribal trust are the most powerful tools for restoring...
Oliver J. Semans
“Everyone talks about rights, but they have a cost,” said attorney Sara Frankenstein in a recent article on ICTMN.com (“With 2014 Elections Looming, Ninth Circuit Agrees to Hear Native Voting-Rights Appeal”; February 28, 2013). Frankenstein is...
Hayley B. Elkins
Early in my marriage, my husband was a vegetarian who didn’t eat eggs. It’s not that he had any moral quandaries against them, he just didn’t like them. I put up with that for about five seconds. Beef, chicken, pork, I could all jettison, but eggs?...
Winter King & Sara Clark
President Obama signed into law the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a federal statute that addresses domestic violence and other crimes against women. As initially conceived in 1994, VAWA created new federal crimes and...
Ruth Hopkins
Every American Indian alive today has been affected by the policy of assimilation implemented by the United States government not that long ago. Under the guise of Manifest Destiny, European immigrants swept through North America in ever increasing...
Charles Kader
The labeling vogue of past generations was often to term both traditional and religious groups in Indian country as offbeat, sometimes as renegades, and possibly as outcasts within tribal communities. To a varying degree, these labels have existed...
Steve Russell
The interplay between law and language is fascinating. “Blood quantum” started without the modern racist connotations in early English cases involving inheritance from a particular person rather than from a racially defined category of persons. The...
Kay Olan (Ionataie:was)
This is the time of year when people in the Northeast become excited about the return of warmer weather and longer daylight hours. The robins and the geese are returning from their winter get-away vacation spots down south. Gardeners are looking...