Steven Newcomb
There was a deeply troubling development at this year’s United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (the 12th Session) in New York. Before we get into that, though, let’s first build some historical context. In 1973, Russell Means and Dennis...
David Wilkins
Disenrollment, a seemingly innocuous term when used outside Indian country, has become a loaded word that rivals, if it does not surpass, “termination” as a concept that invokes fear and trembling in those natives who suffer its consequences. While...
Julianne Jennings
Mainstream America has effectively marginalized our inherited way of being and, although restricted, it is still very much alive despite the history and purpose of the Europeans, which was to produce people who might appear to be “look-like Indians...
Peter d'Errico
Berlin's Museum of Medical History has entered the controversy about exhibition and repatriation of human remains. As The New York Times reports, the curators are "re-evaluating the principles that govern their displays as they confront a growing...
Cedric Dukes
Congratulations graduates, you have made it! High school graduation is a breaking away of adolescence and entering into the adult phase of life. Your training in the past 18 years will set the stage for your college experience. Graduation from high...
Jamescita Peshlakai
I am writing as a traditional Navajo, mother, veteran, Chapter house voter for Cameron and as a newly elected Arizona State Representative of Legislative District 7 (includes the confluence sacred site). Being from Cameron, the Gap-Bodaway community...
Suzan Shown Harjo
The first part of this story covered the AP-GfK “nationwide” poll that sampled 1,004 persons about keeping or changing the racist name of the Washington, D.C., football franchise. A majority of respondents were white, conservative to moderate, pro...
Jay Daniels
Indian country has suffered for the past three years because the "Montana Mafia" has controlled the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). They have controlled the course of the BIA without regard for the entirety of Indian country. They make decisions...
Ray Cook, ICTMN Opinion Editor
Memorial Day, once called Decoration Day, is meant as a day to remember all those who have died while in military service. This Memorial Day I think it important that you remember the day from a military mind. It is not about you or your vacation....
Raymond Foxworth
There is a thriving movement in Indian country focused on food sovereignty and increased control of local food systems. Like other assets in Indian country, Native food systems have been colonized, altered and, in some cases, destroyed. Today, many...
Ralph Forquera and Polly Olsen
Urban Indians are not new to the urban scene, as New York Times reporter Timothy Williams suggested in his article, "Quietly, Indians Reshape Cities and Reservations," published online Saturday, April 13. Nor is their ongoing struggle against...
Cole R. DeLaune
In May 2011, the spectacle of political theater took a quickly forgotten detour into the realm of the absurd when minor protests erupted over the participation of Chicago rapper Common in a White House poetry slam. Karl Rove decried the recording...
Chief Sidney Hill
Greetings  from the Chiefs, Clanmothers, Faithkeepers, and people of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy, People of the Longhouse. The Grand Council of Chiefs would  like to take this time to remind its citizens of the Haudenosaunee position...
Tally Monteau-Colombe
Mitakuyapi, Cante waste napeciyuzapi. I am a parent of children who attend school in the Chamberlain School District in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and I am also one of the individuals who is involved in a movement against the decision that the...