Henrietta Stockel
After nearly 250 years, the Franciscan friars ended their association with the Mescalero and Chiricahua Apaches on July 1, 2013, citing a shortage of priests and harsh economic conditions as causes. No replacements would be available. So, on a rainy...
Mark C. Van Norman
In the Baby Veronica case, Associate Supreme Court Justice Thomas writes that the Indian Child Welfare Act is unconstitutional because it is not “commerce” in the sense of “trade.” Domestic relations, he says, are left to the states. When it comes...
Halie Geller
Native Americans have been using eagle feathers and other parts in their religious and ceremonial practices since “time immemorial.” However, as the federal government passed laws and regulations and entered into treaties to protect the eagle and...
Jay Daniels
We are living in an era where there aren't enough Supreme Court Justices who think like Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia, a true constructionist, believes wholly in the U.S. Constitution and never decides to add to or take away from it. In...
Julianne Jennings
Racialization is the social and historical process of assigning individuals and groups a racial identity and social status, and places them into positions of superior and inferior types. This process is always legitimized through ideologies (usually...
Johnny Rustywire
One spring a few years ago, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) set up a wild horse roundup in Eastern Utah. I was doing some title search work and found myself one morning riding out with the wranglers who would be catching and rounding up the...
Brian Brewer
As American colonists began to call for democracy, revolutionary leaders dressed up as Indians, boarded English ships and dumped tea in Boston harbor to protest taxes on tea and commodities. The Boston Tea Party, with its rallying cry, “No Taxation...
Steven Newcomb
In September 2014, a United Nations High Level Plenary Meeting (UN-HLPM) “to be known as the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples” (WCIP) will take place at the UN Headquarters of New York. A preparatory meeting for that High Level Plenary-“World...
Tex Hall
Concerning the White House Council on Native American Affairs: On behalf of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association and the Council of Large Tribes, “Thank you President Obama.” Thank you, Mr. President for answering the call of Indian...
Steve Russell
I often write with respect of persons who have done much with their time, referring to them as “elders.” Some people deserve that respect, but others are just old. Out of luck or because they took no risks, they are still sucking air. Good, but that...
Peter d’Errico
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reports this month that First Nations children are living in poverty at triple the national average. The report points out that poverty is measured not only by income, but also by community well-being:...
Crystal Willcuts
Paula Deen’s N-word controversy is misguided and blown out of proportion. In a deposition for a lawsuit against her, she admitted to using the N-word 26 years ago. In a private conversation with her husband in her own home, she used the N-word to...
Winona LaDuke
Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn’t make a corporation a terrorist. I’m in South Dakota today, sort of a ground zero for the Keystone...
Nathan Small
The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) is unacceptable to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Fort Hall, Idaho. EPA paves the way for FMC Corp. to sweep their 50-year legacy of waste under the rug. The public...