Vicente M. Diaz
The following opinion was adapted from a presentation at the roundtable, “The Colonial Politics of Civility: Implications of the Steven Salaita case for Indigenous Studies and Beyond,” held during the Native American and Indigenous Studies...
Elizabeth Hawksworth
Father Francis, I was once taught that if you’re going to tell a story, you need to tell it simply. The simplest stories are the easiest to understand. My story is simple. I’m a Chippewa woman from Toronto, Canada. I am the product of colonialism...
Steven Newcomb
“To many men the sense of domination is sweet...” writes Leonard Barnes in his book Empire or Democracy (1939). James Crawford, in his Foreword to Antonie Anghie’s Imperialism, Sovereignty, and the Making of International Law (2005) says that Anghie...
Maulian Smith
I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the state of Maine. As you may be aware there has been an ongoing discussion and series of events regarding the Skowhegan High School’s use of the mascot “Indians” for their sports teams. I offer some...
Dennis Olson
This summer marks Head Start’s 50th anniversary, a historic milestone in our nation’s commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty and opening windows of opportunity to our most vulnerable children.  I am among the 32 million Americans Head Start has...
Gary Davis
On Tuesday, leaders from across Indian Country gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol for the New Day Now rally, hosted by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development during our Reservation Economic Summit (RES). Designed to affirm...
David E. Wilkins
There isn’t a day that goes by in Indian Country that we don’t hear something about the Seven Generations. From respected leaders like NCAI Chair, Brian Cladoosby, to just about every Native high school or collegiate valedictorian giving a...
Amy Hornby Uribe
On most days, I love the products that Hobby Lobby sells and have chosen to overlook many of the reasons the company has received negative press in recent years. However, after shopping at the store in Onalaska, Wisconsin, recently, I am saddened by...
John Guenther
This is a call to athletes to step up and tell sports owners what your personal beliefs are, and refuse to continue to support a racist name. You know who you are and you need to take this very seriously. I recently heard Richard Sherman from the...
Steven Newcomb
I recently came across the book Writing the Social Text: Poetics and Politics in Social Science Discourse (New York: Aldine de Gruyter, 1992), edited by Richard H. Brown. In his chapter “Poetics, Politics, and Truth,” Professor Brown talks about the...
Terese Marie Mailhot
I should get paid for how much grief Dan Snyder has caused me. Natives are on everything from butter to sports memorabilia, from Jeep Cherokees to motorcycles, and from tobacco to jerky. We are everywhere and not seeing enough of the jerky. It's bad...
Alex Jacobs
Back before the American Revolution, the Mohawks in New York saw these people come to work and settle along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. They were Palatine Germans, or Mennonites, or Amish, religious and poor Germans who fled war and were not...
Steve Russell
Nils Christie walked on May 27 and this world is poorer for his departure. Why should people on this continent care about the death of a Norwegian criminologist? No reason, I suppose, if we think we’ve really got a handle on that crime thing. We do...
Peter d'Errico
When the jury and judges awarded Elizabeth Fenn the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in History for her book, Encounters at the Heart of the World: A History of the Mandan People, their citation described the book as "an engrossing, original narrative showing...