Donna Ennis
I have been involved for the past several years in the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI). There is overwhelming evidence that the wholesale incarceration of juvenile offenders is a failed strategy for combating youth crime....
Julia Good Fox
Right now, there is a young girl in each of our tribes who is working her way through the lesson plans at Code Academy. Or she has taking it upon herself to work through the CS50x course that is available free and online from Harvard University—or...
Charles Kader
I have recently become aware that a book entitled The Militarization of Indian Country (MSU Press – Makwa Enewed series) by ICTMN contributor Winona LaDuke will be published in 2013. The Anishinaabe visionary has authored/co-authored more than ten...
Dina Gilio-Whitaker
When nations declare independence from the domination of other nations it is often within the context of the carnage of bloody confrontations, which tends to get the attention of international media (the old adage in the news business "if it bleeds...
Mark Trahant
Over the weekend the Republican line on the sequester was honed to a simple idea: It’s only a couple of pennies, two-and-one-half cents out of every dollar. No big deal, right? Republicans say the sequester is the right course because it represents...
Steve Russell
All Indigenous Peoples, not just American Indians, have a troubled history with anthropologists. This is because, early on, the study of humans was the study of primitive humans, and we are always considered primitive so as to justify separating us...
Amy Moore & Mike Taylor
For an Indian, Barry seems to need very little sleep. He works nights, even on weekends. During the day, he seems to practically live at Walmart, which has earned him the nickname Walmart Barry. He never does any of his shopping at Walmart though,...
Elaine Fink
The North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians of California recently became only the sixth tribe in the past 25 years to successfully navigate the Secretarial “two-part” process for acquiring new land for tribal-government gaming. Our Tribe, with over 1,...
Renée Roman Nose
February 28 marks the first day in the history of the United States when Native women living on reservations will be offered equal protection from violent criminals as most non-reservation women had since the original passage of VAWA ten years ago....
Theodora Bird Bear
Right now, the feds are required to respond to any written comments submitted to them on the $1.9 billion Cobell settlement plan to buy your fractionated land and minerals. Tell the feds that you are keeping your land and minerals for your...
Laura Waterman Wittstock
Hundreds of travelers left their home areas from points all over the United States and Canada last weekend to meet in the tiny village of Wounded Knee, South Dakota. There, they will observe the 40th anniversary of one of the most unusual military...
Cedric Sunray
Senator Maria Cantwell, the chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, stated in regard to tribal provisions in VAWA, “If you think you are rooting out crime in America and you are letting a sieve happen in Indian country you are not rooting out...
Jay Daniels
The Department of Interior recently completed the final tribal consultations for the implementation of the Cobell Settlement's Land Buy Back Program for Tribal Nations. Tribal Consultations were previously conducted in Billings, Montana (July 15,...
Julianne Jennings
While strolling with friends through the busy streets of Spoleto, an ancient Italian city in the province of Umbria, we stepped into the start of celebrations or carnivals called, Quaresima. This is the time that precedes the celebration of Easter...