Walter Lamar
You may think spice can be found somewhere in your kitchen, but if you hear young folks talking about it, they probably aren't discussing cinnamon. Chances are, they're talking about synthetic marijuana, which comes marketed as “herbal smoking...
Timothy Chavez
As business leaders and members of our tribal communities, American Indian entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to utilize our corporate service and wellness programs in a way that extend value to and heighten awareness of the rich heritage of...
Dr. Margaret Moss
Where is the outcry, outrage and outpouring for various tribes: with the highest levels of diabetes in the world; where a baby boy born today has an average life expectancy in the 40s; where death rates are more than double than for U.S. all races...
Ray Cook, ICTMN Op-Ed Editor
The children of the West (Americans) are fighting amongst themselves (again) over distribution of a wealth that does not belong to them, a wealth derived from Indigenous lands. The opportunity to redefine wealth based on a more realistic view of the...
Dr. Tandie Mitchell
Silent voices speak to honor the life and passing of a revered Elder Spiritual Leader of the Anishinabek Nation: Peacemaker, William Commanda, the founder of “Circle of All Nations,” which promotes “indigenous wisdom and peace to foster respect and...
Steve Russell
“It’s all right to let Wall Street bet each other millions of dollars every day but why make these bets affect the fellow who is plowing a field out in Claremore, Oklahoma?” My all time favorite Cherokee, Will Rogers, wrote that in 1924. Today, most...
Ruth Hopkins
In 1898, just eight years after the Wounded Knee Massacre, the U.S. Congress passed a bill that created a new federal facility: The Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians. Located in Canton, South Dakota, the Asylum would be the only federal mental...
Gabriel S. Galanda
(Read part I and part III.) Throughout most of the last twocenturies, the United States sought to eliminate the political existence of American Indian tribes. The federal anti-tribal agenda appeared through laws, policies and programs encouraging or...
Cheryl Crazy Bull
Many people after watching the ABC 20/20 special, “Hidden America: Children of the Plains” may be asking, “What can be done to help?” The special depicted the daily lives of young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of one of...
Tekatsitsiakwa Katsi Cook
Among the privileged few early “outsider” observers of Native American birth is anthropologist Matilda Coxe Stevenson who published on Pueblo cosmogony and “Sia Pueblo Rites With Childbirth” for the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1884....
Beverly Cook
We know that acts of genocide were perpetrated on our people because we refused to be separated from our lands. Tremendous harm was done by those who would prevent us from speaking or learning our language; by those who would prevent us from...
Arlene Hirschfelder
It is predictable. At Halloween, thousands of children (and adults) trick-or-treat in Indian costumes. At Thanksgiving, thousands of children parade in school pageants wearing plastic headdresses and pseudo-buckskin clothing. Shops stock holiday...
Chase Iron Eyes
Halloween is fast approaching, and little monsters everywhere are scrambling for costumes. Every year there should be an awareness campaign about the practice of Americans assuming Indian identity by donning an "Indian costume." What do "they" get...
Emily Washines
The existence of Condit Dam has been a blink of time in the history of the White Salmon watershed. Since time immemorial, the White Salmon River has originated from the southwestern slope of Mount Adams. The White Salmon River, m?t'úla wana, was...