Briannon Fraley
As the holidays near, many Americans start planning how and where they will travel to meet up with family all around the U.S. It is a foreign concept to me. As an indigenous person, I cannot separate myself and my family from the lifeline of our...
Nancy Omaha Boy
His recent death reminds us that Nelson Mandela was first and foremost a tribal member. He had a tribal name, but was given the name Nelson when he went to school. He held an inherited right to leadership in his tribe and always went home to...
Oliver B. Barker
I wandered into a very serious conversation recently with a few of my compatriots re: whether or not a Native American candidate for the American presidency would suffer the same fate as JFK. Jack was hated and berated for his Catholicism, and...
Richard Pombo
On December 17, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians celebrated the grand re-opening of its Wind Creek Casino in Wetumpka, Alabama. Normally, I would share the excitement of the Poarch over their new facility. As the former Chairman of the Resources...
Peter d'Errico
Confusion abounded on a crucial point during oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community on December 2, 1013. The case arises from Michigan's effort to shut down a casino that was being operated (now closed...
Julianne Jennings
How American Indians became concentrated on reservations is a complicated story that most Americans know only very little about, let alone Italians, who have recently compared their economic crisis to that of “living on an Indian reservation.”...
Stanley Heller
A dozen Jews created an open letter to companies that make products for the Washington football team and the Commissioner of the National Football League. They all agreed to this short statement "We Jews call for companies to refuse to make...
Philip S. "Sam" Deloria
Dick Cheney and I both started college with the Yale class of 1963; we both lived in Berkeley College, one of Yale’s residential colleges. I graduated in 1964, after taking a year off. I read that Cheney flunked out twice and finished college at the...
Steven Newcomb
In his recent column, “The Long Road to ‘Free and Independent’ for Indian Nations,” Steve Russell says, “My ICTMN colleagues are fond of ‘free and independent’ as a description of the once and future status of Indian nations.” The phrase that...
Charles Kader
Can Indians still make decisions for themselves on their own homeland? That question was recently deliberated in a case involving four men from the Akwesasne Reserve. The Three Feathers Casino federal trial has now concluded. Members of the Men’s...
Steven Newcomb
This column is about oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court that took place on December 2, 2013 in the case Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community, Et Al. By way of introduction, a description of what brought the parties to the U.S. Supreme Court...
Steve Russell
Prof. David Wilkins is dismayed by language chosen by the Chief Judge of the Nooksack Tribal Court in a disenrollment decision. His dismay is directed not at the holding of the case, which supported the sovereign authority of the Nooksack Nation to...
Wahleah Johns
Part of the debate about how to approach pollution cleanup at the big Navajo Generating Station coal-fired power plant near the Grand Canyon has always revolved around jobs and revenues for the Navajo Nation. Federal regulators heard more on this in...
Ann Dapice
Editor’s Note: The following is an edited version of an academic presentation at the World Diabetes Congress last week. Given the terrible numbers of diabetes and alcoholism among our people, ICTMN is honored to assist in helping our readers have...