Steve Russell
This term, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case about affirmative action in university admissions, where my alma mater is on the side of diversity for a change. Most observers agree diversity is likely to lose, but if that happens it does...
Simon Moya-Smith
It was 1:30 p.m. April 19 when I received a frantic phone call from Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, who said she had less than 24 hours to resurrect the Recognition of the American Indian Genocide resolution of 2008. By noon the...
Walter Lamar
The Director of the Indian Health Service, Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, recently participated in the White House Forum on Bullying Prevention. She commented that bullying among Native children that began during the boarding school era continues to the...
Steven Newcomb
We have been told that a fight against “terrorism” is the reason why the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed by Congress, and signed by President Obama on December 31, 2011. The legislation authorizes the U.S. military, at the...
Julia Good Fox
On April 23, Foreign Policy published “Why Do They Hate Us? The Real War on Women is in the Middle East.” In this essay, which is also FP’s cover story in this special “Sex” issue, Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy describes cultures which...
Adella Begaye
Some hardships in life can be met through strong will and hard work. As a Navajo, I think of the many thousands of families on our reservation in New Mexico and Arizona who’ve long lived without access to electricity service or running water, and...
Ruth Hopkins
Ancient Indigenous Peoples around the globe have reported unidentified lights in the sky, and even contact with star beings, for millennia. Corroborations of these interactions are found in petroglyphs and related through myths and legends preserved...
Jack Duran
United States Supreme Court Justice, John Marshall, famously stated in McCulloch v. Maryland, that “the ...power to tax...[is] the power to destroy.” So goes the current trend with states and the IRS, finding unique and interesting ways of taxing...
Lise Balk King
An oft-heard criticism of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is that it’s an “aspirational” document, one with no teeth, enforceability or bearing in law, and thus a waste of time. It is important to note that human rights are by...
Mike Taylor
So, I recently took down my Facebook page. About a third of my many friends were Indians from various reservations around me; most of these had never gotten past their GED. The rest were white Mormons and white non-Mormons from Utah. This was an...
Julianne Jennings
Stereotypes help market American merchandise for more than a century, and the history of their use and abuse offers a strange and telling story of race relations in this country. Starting with sugar, its long history is interwoven with that of the...
Suzan Shown Harjo
White privilege in America first stood for wealth advantage, the provenance of white men, no matter how amassed, deserved, shared or inbred. Among its prominent symbols are oil baron J.D. Rockefeller, Monopoly guy with a fistful of cash, television’...
Gabriel S. Galanda
To quote an Indianz.com headline: “Interior’s land consolidation plan is a disaster.” The Department of the Interior’s proposal to spend $1.9 billion in taxpayer dollars authorized by the Cobell settlement focuses myopically on effecting...
Lisa R. Shellenberger and Jennifer S. Baker
Lisa Shellenberger Violence on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is far too familiar; grievance for lost loved ones hangs heavy in the air. At times, the commonality of murder and violence has been so exceptional that it cannot be understood by...