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  1. December 18, 2014 | Alysa Landry

    What Does Marijuana Memo Mean for Hemp Production and Traditional Uses?

    talismans. When the ball got too large to handle easily, she started a new ball.” Many of the hemp traditions ...

  2. December 16, 2014 | ICTMN Staff

    Jude Schimmel Has Arrived! Lady Card Has First Double-Double of the Season

    tell Jude is, in transition, Jude does a great job of getting the ball up the floor. She gets by two ...

  3. December 12, 2014 | David P. Ball

    Tensions Simmer After Kinder Morgan Confrontation Over Pipeline Extension in Burnaby, B.C.

    Nearly two weeks after Kinder Morgan completed its test drilling inside a British Columbia city's conservation area, opponents of its proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are proclaiming victory and vowing to continue fighting the energy giant. ...

  4. December 10, 2014 | David Vergun

    Muskogee Native Americans Embrace Honor, Sacrifice, Warrior Traditions

    one stick, each player uses two sticks made of hickory to catch the ball in a clasping motion, he said. Although players cannot touch the ball, they can get tackled by opposing players, so in that ...

  5. December 09, 2014 | Steve Russell

    Killing the Dead Presidents

    people.” The ten-dollar bill begins with a Bucky Ball, the carbon cage molecule that won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 and forms a building block of modern nanotechnology. The Bucky Ball is also ...

  6. December 08, 2014 | ICTMN Staff

    Miles Thompson Makes NLL Pre-Season Debut, Proves He’s Ready for the Pros

    times that he could have thrown the ball at the net a few more times, but he swung it and guys were able ...

  7. December 04, 2014 | Suzette Brewer

    Children in the Crosshairs: The Emerging Battle Over Alaska’s Native Children

    what constitutes “best interest” for tribal children. “The state plays ‘hide the ball’ when faced with ...

  8. December 02, 2014 | Vincent Schilling

    Cracker Jacks, Toboggans and More: 5 Native Inventions We Couldn’t Live Without

    RELATED: Winter Workout: Enjoy Traditional Native Snow Sports Rubber Balls The Olmec, who lived in what are today Veracruz and Tabasco states in Mexico, were the first people known to play with rubber balls. One such ball, dated 1000 B.C., was found in the pre-Columbian archaeological site of La Venta, in Tabasco. ...

  9. December 02, 2014 | Tanya H. Lee

    Natives Prone to Chronic Ear Infections, Which Endanger Hearing

    Sharon Navarrette (Cherokee/Creek/European) remembers having a lot of ear infections when she was a little girl. There were so many—and they were so severe—that her mother had to keep cotton balls in her child’s ears to absorb the drainage. She had trouble hearing and difficulty with speech, problems that ...

  10. December 01, 2014 | Sam Laskaris

    All-Native Pro Lacrosse Team Preps For 2015 Season

    won the championship crown during the inaugural CLax season in 2012. The upcoming campaign will also ...