Baby Veronica

Suzette Brewer
JUSTICE SCALIA: Your -- your argument assumes that the phrase in the statute "to prevent the breakup of the Indian family" only applies where -where the father has custody...
Jacqueline Pata

The mainstream media has continued to make repeated factual errors when reporting on the high profile Supreme Court custody case involving a Native American father and his daughter....

Donna Ennis

I have been thinking a lot lately about Baby Veronica and how it came to be that this Native child was placed with white adoptive parents....

Donna Ennis

Dr. Phil either gets it or he doesn’t. After viewing a recent episode of his show that featured the perspective of adoptive parents in the "battle over Baby Veronica," it is clear to me that he doesn’t get it....

Terry Cross

On October 18, 2012, the Dr. Phil show aired an episode that focused on a disputed custody case involving an American Indian child, Veronica....

Donna Loring

Dr. Phil aired a horror show on October 17 featuring couples who had adopted Indian children or who were in the process of doing so....