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Poetry Month

Casandra M. Lopez
A NEW LANGUAGE My words are always collapsing upon themselves, they feel too tight in my mouth. I want a new language...
Melissa Fry Beasley
What's in a name? For many American Indians, quite a bit -- nouns, verbs and adjectives. Animals, landscapes, stories and food...
Al Hunter
[ Editor’s Note: Al Hunter is the author of Beautiful Razor: Love Songs and Other Lies , and two other books of poetry...
Dennis Tom
The following poem comes to us from Dennis Tom, Navajo, and for those unfamiliar with types of poetry we'll point out that it's a sestina -- an originally-Italian poetic form that ...
Dawn Karima Pettigrew
The following poem comes to us from Dawn Karima Pettigrew, a writer, educator and radio host (for more details on her, see the biographical information that follows the poem)...
April is National Poetry Month, an annual celebration of verse initiated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996...
Alex Jacobs
April is National Poetry Month, and all month long we'll be bringing you a selection of works by poets, both established and new, from Indian country...
Theresa Braine
The word poetry can evoke echoes of everything from Shakespearean sonnets to minimalist Japanese haiku...
Janet Marie Rogers
Janet Marie Rogers, Mohawk and Tuscarora, is the Poet Laureate of Victoria, BC, and a contributor to ICTMN -- for more of her work, visit her ICTMN archive here ...