Thing About Skins

Gyasi Ross
Quick Story: I was on the “Indian Plan” on my journey through college, attending (seriously) six schools before finally graduating...
Gyasi Ross
This whole "Winter Challenge" thing makes me nostalgic. I remember when I was a little kid, I used to try to convince my mom that March was when it started getting warmer...
Gyasi Ross
Happy New Year to you all…I hope that it started off with smiles, passion and time spent with loved ones...
Gyasi Ross
Nothing can make a parent feel like crap and helpless like Christmas. Let me explain. Quick Story: When I was just a wee little lad (4th grade), my teacher Mr...

ABOUT THE SUBJECT: James Jones is Cree From Tall Cree First Nations in northern Alberta who fuses to

Gyasi Ross
“Native people who are in some stage of adaption to Western culture often lose their children because their families are unstable for the same reasons that American society’s famil...
Gyasi Ross
"Cultures are learned means of survival in an environment...
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The violent impact of white settlement and Christianity manifests itself in weird and deep ways—some people call these impacts “colonialism.” Fancy word...
Gyasi Ross
Television, Edward Curtis photographs and romance novel covers have collectively painted the accepted images of Native people...
Gyasi Ross
I’ve heard many Natives complain, time and time again, about the lack of Native imagery in pop culture...