Stephanie Woodard
At the Moapa Paiute Indian Reservation in Nevada, Alex Gonzalez, staffer at the Moapa Pauite Travel Plaza, tied together the long string fuses of several fireworks, lit them and pi...
Stephanie Woodard
“Well, that was fun!” exclaimed a golfer , as he loaded his clubs into his SUV after a morning of play at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort , just off Interstate 95 about 25 miles n...
Lee Allen
Listening to tales of the numbers of fish that can be caught in Oregon’s 111-mile-long Umpqua River brings to mind the old adage that goes something like, " All fishermen are liars...
Tish Leizens
An ongoing major cultural exhibit at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture , New Mexico, delves deeper into basket making and how it plays a significant role in the lives of Amer...

Our reporter Richard Walker has been a part of the

Tish Leizens
The Roasting Ears of Corn Festival , said to be “Pennsylvania’s Oldest American Indian Gathering” is honoring American Indians once again, August 18 and 19, for the 32 nd year...

In the August issue of National Geographic, some well known Pine Ridge Indian Reservation residents spoke with the m

Tish Leizens
Buffalo Hills Resort , located in Senacaville, Ohio, is hosting its 1 st Annual Native American Pow Wow , which began on July 26 and ends on July 29...
Lynn Armitage
There’s something magical about Lake Tahoe . The moment you lay eyes on its impossibly blue, crystal-clear waters, you will be forever captive to its beauty...
Jack McNeel
The first thing to hit your eyes are the totem poles...