Geneticists Fox Tsosie Yracheta
Tanya H. Lee
Three young Native American geneticists are making their mark in a field often shunned by indigenous scientists...
Amazon River Oxbow
Steve Russell
We call it the European Invasion but modern academics have a more anodyne term, “Columbian Encounter.” Whatever you call it, the civilizations invaded or encountered left physical ...
Rick Kearns
Their land still saturated with goop, indigenous groups in Ecuador are awaiting a decision in the Supreme Court of Canada on whether Chevron Corp...
Ecuador Oil Sludge
Duane Champagne
The international community often depends on sporadic experiences and expressions of outrage to support and defend Indigenous Peoples who are subject to land loss, unwanted resourc...
Steve Russell
Readers who follow this column will recall I said I don’t invest in China, but I will trade anything...
Barbara Fraser, EHN
Reprinted with permission from Environmental Health News ...
Terri Hansen
A former New Tribes Mission missionary, Warren Scott Kennell was sentenced to 58 years in prison January 28, for taking pornographic photographs of tribal children in the Brazilian...
Steve Russell
Saturday’s New York Times carried another in a series of investigative reports by Christopher Drew and Danielle Ivory on massive stealing from the US Navy by civilian contractors w...
Tensions were high in June as more than 100 members of the Mashco-Piro clan, an Indian tribe that lives in voluntary isolation, attempted to make contact in Peru’s southeastern Ama...
Brandi Morin
Canadian Gemini award–winning Cree actress and self-proclaimed “artist in solidarity with Idle No More” Michelle Thrush is wielding her celebrity clout in defense of Indigenous Peo...