David Lewis

American history consists of history written primarily from the perspectives of white American historians. This is the truth that many Natives live with regularly. As a researcher and scholar I encounter this situation on a daily basis....

Clyde Kennard
Dr. Dean Chavers
Clyde Kennard was a marked man when he applied for admission to the Mississippi Southern College in 1955, 1956, and 1959...
Indigenous Peoples Day Aztec Dancers
Nanette Deetz
The city of Berkeley, California celebrated the 23rd Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day Powwow as an official holiday on October 10. Berkeley was the first city in the U.S...
AP Children Explorers Columbus Day Parade 2012
Steve Russell
Alberto Cribiore, the Grand Marshal of this year’s Columbus Day Parade, disappeared about $50 billion of other people’s money without apparent personal inconvenience, since he deca...
Tanya H. Lee
From the Northern Plains to the Southwestern deserts, American Indian groups are working to correct historic falsehoods and demanding acknowledgement of what the “discovery” of thi...
The Red Nation Albuquerque Indigenous Peoples Day
Nick Estes
October 7, 2015 is historic for Natives of Albuquerque...
Christopher Columbus Spain World History Archive National Catholic Reporter
Steve Russell
The organizers of the Christopher Columbus honoring have sold their historical bill of goods well, and they promise “35,000 marchers...
Dyami Thomas Portland City Council
Jacqueline Keeler
On October 7, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution to “Declare the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in the City of Portland.” Portland...
Steve Russell
Cristóbal Colón aka Cristóvão Colombo aka Cristoforo Colombo aka Christopher Columbus has gotten lots of breaks from history...
Much has been made of the indigenous innovations that go largely unrecognized in today’s societies...