Mark R. Day
Caroline Ward Holland and her son, Kagen, stood before a crowd of 100 Native Americans at the Los Angeles Worker Center on December 27...
Hunkpapa Lakota Mens Shirt Wounded Knee
Mark Hirsch
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, marks the 125th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee, a “sad and horrible event” Native and non-Native Americans still struggle to comprehend...
It has been 153 years since the largest mass execution ever seen in the United States took place on December 26, 1862...
sunrise Ceremony Aztec Dancer
Nanette Deetz
A Sunrise Ceremony was held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Alcatraz Island to celebrate “523 years of indigenous resistance, honor our ancestors and future generations,” according t...
Walk for the Ancestors Mission Santa Clara
Nanette Deetz
Caroline Ward Holland, who is a descendant of the Tataviam Tribe from Santa Clarita California, experienced a life-changing event upon learning that Franciscan Priest Junipero Serr...
iStock Crying Embracing
Dr. Dean Chavers
Sometimes I think I grew up in a family of crybabies. Actually, I grew up in two families and had a third one I didn’t know about until I was an old man...
Loonsfoot Family
Hannah Schmidt
The sun set below the tree canopy. I sat tracing lines in the dirt with my fingers while a sacred fire burned beside me...
Joseph M. Pierce
Joseph M. Pierce
I started writing this in the aftermath of the Rachel Dolezal affair and have continued to write as the Andrea Smith story has taken off. But it’s not about them...
Xavante Indians
Alex Ewen
Two new research studies, published in two separate scientific journals, have found that the DNA of certain Amazonian Indian tribes are similar to those of the indigenous inhabitan...