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Christina Rose
Private Juliet Striped Wolf, intelligence analyst with the 95th Civil Affairs Brigade, has been found safe in Volusia County, Florida, and will soon return to Fort Bragg, North Car...
Christina Rose
Police, the military, and especially the family of Private Juliet Striped Wolf, Rosebud, seek her safe return...
Rodney Harwood
The shrapnel in PFC Chris Turley’s knee is a constant reminder that he answered the warrior’s call with honor, earning both the U.S...
Christina Rose
This Date in Native History: On January 8, 1877, Crazy Horse fought his final battle against the United States Army before agreeing to come into Fort Robinson, Nebraska in May that...
Christina Rose
This Date in Native History: On December 29, 1890, a band of Miniconjou Lakota led by Chief Spotted Elk—called Big Foot by the government—were massacred at Wounded Knee...
Alysa Landry
This Date in Native History: On October 3, 1873, the U.S...
As Terry Howell of reports , earlier this week the Marine Corps moved to halt tuition assistance for new enrollees in response to the sequestration ...
David Vergun, Army News Service
As Soldiers and all Americans celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the Army has consulted with leaders of federally recognized tribes to provide new policy for Army-tribal rel...
Sgt. 1st Class Erick Studenicka, Courtesy DOD
ANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Living history portrayals of some of the most famous Native Americans in history and a key note speech by the highest ranking enlisted Native Americ...

American Indians and Alaska Natives have been serving in the United States military since the Revolutionary War at a