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Gyasi Ross

I know this is sorta late—two weeks, to be exact—and that pop culture topics du jour tend to last only a few days. Modern day pop culture existential question: If someone gets killed on Twitter and it’s no longer trending, did it really happen?

I don’t know; that’s above my pay grade....

Gale Courey Toensing
When Penobscot Indian Nation leaders heard on July 17 that the South Carolina Supreme Court had ordered three-year-old Veronica Brown, a Cherokee citizen, removed from the care of ...
Suzette Brewer
On Thursday, the day after the South Carolina Supreme Court denied an appeal filed by Dusten Brown and the Cherokee Nation to consider a “best interest determination” hearing, Vero...
Yesterday the South Carolina Supreme Court denied petitions for rehearing in the case of Adoptive Couple v...
Carol Berry
Members of the Cherokee Nation who met recently in Colorado were urged to pray for Baby Veronica, a 3-year-old of Cherokee descent, while a legal team studies ways to make certain ...
Suzette Brewer
The Cherokee Nation late yesterday filed a petition for a rehearing asking the South Carolina Supreme Court to reconsider its July 17 order that terminated the parental rights of D...
Steve Russell

Cases involving child custody are always middle class morality plays....

Suzette Brewer
Throughout the bitter dispute surrounding Adoptive Couple v...
Suzette Brewer
Echoing the loud thunder of voices from Native communities and organizations across the U.S...
Suzette Brewer
Within minutes of yesterday's ruling by the South Carolina State Supreme Court ordering the Family Court in Charleston to finalize the adoption of Veronica Brown to Matt and Melani...