Reconstructed Naia
Alex Ewen
The remains of “Naia,” the human skeleton found off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, has been reconstructed by artists to provide a hypothetical image of what she look...
History Books Gold
This was a big year for history, including important anniversaries for the signing of the Dawes Act and the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre...
Moai Ahu tongariki Easter Island
Steve Russell
The indigenous people called the island Rapa Nui ; the Spanish explorers called it Isla de Pascua , Spanish for the name bestowed by the Dutch “discoverer,” Easter Island...
Easter Island Moai
Alex Ewen
New findings from the journal, Current Biology , indicate that Native Americans had visited Easter Island before Columbus sailed to the Americas...
Simon Moya-Smith
Native Americans – we’re an eloquent bunch...
Jessica Carro

If you are an American, born and raised, reading this article, then you were most likely told as a child the same Thanksgiving fairytale that I was. Presumably, we all went through a similar rude awakening later in life when we were taught the real history, not the BS Americanized version....

Alex Jacobs
A 22,000-year-old mastodon skull and tool (a stone blade or spear point) dredged from the seafloor of the Chesapeake Bay by fishermen in 1974 is only now coming to light...
Alex Ewen
In Part 5 of our exclusive series we looked at how new discoveries of American Indian origins cast doubt on the Bering Strait Theory throughout most of the 20th century yet were ei...
Alex Ewen
A new discovery in Northwestern Mexico, at an archaeological site dubbed El Fin Del Mundo (The End of the World) has raised new questions regarding the origins of an early group of...
Alex Ewen
In Part 4 of our exclusive series we looked at how the Bering Strait Theory by the 1920s had become a rigid dogma that no scientist who valued their career would dare to challenge...