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Steven Newcomb

This past May, I went to the Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain to see the original documents issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493, and to see the original Requerimiento (‘the Requirement’) issued by the Spanish crown government in 1513, 500 years ago this year....

DaShanne Stokes

The recent arrest of Wayland Gray, a Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen, has set off a firestorm of criticism against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians....

Dominique Godrèche
In 1977, Daniel Everett came to Amazonia to live among the Pirahãs. He came to convert them; instead, they converted him...
There is more than one brand of spirituality, and school districts should not be promoting one over the other, a pagan mother said of the bibles that her son’s school gave out to i...