Bolivia's National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore (MUSEF) sits on a narrow street in downtown La Paz.

First Peoples Worldwide (FPW) has awarded more than $1.2 million in grants directly to Indigenous projects, programs and communities since its inception in 1997...
Sara Shahriari
UPDATED JULY 9, 2012: Marchers who walked for two months to reach Bolivian President Evo Morales' doorstep in protest of a road that would cut through the National Park and Indigen...
Sara Shahriari
Update June 27, 2012: More than 1,000 indigenous marchers entered the Bolivian city of La Paz today, after a police strike that delayed the march ended early in the morning...

The rainforest is alive, from the humid, black earth underfoot to the peaks of the tallest trees.

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A once close relationship between Bolivia's Aymara Indian President Evo Morales and some indigenous groups that backed his rise to the presidency is now damaged...
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Brown, rolling plains that seem to stretch on to eternity are suddenly broken by the brilliant blue of Lake Titicaca...
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Evo Morales promised a new economic policy based on indigenous principles and an aggressive redistribution of natural resource wealth to benefit all Bolivians when he became the co...
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Five months after their 350-mile march ended in apparent victory, hundreds of people from Bolivia's eastern lowlands have decided to protest again...
Sara Shahriari
Bolivians made some radical changes over the past decade. They protested and died to prevent the government from exporting cheap natural gas...