Martie Simmons
As a human resource professional, my job is to listen to my clients and consult with them on issues that are occurring within their business...
Amanda Blackhorse
It’s been an entire year since I wrote the piece on hate mail...
Steve Russell
In a scandal the media dubbed “Cash for Kids,” former Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. has been sentenced to 28 years in federal prison...
iStock Youth Help Suicide Depression
Alysa Landry
Five suicides in the past two months have shaken the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation...
White House Initiative on American Indian Education Listening Tour
Tanya H. Lee
What William Mendoza found during the Department of Education’s first-ever cross-country listening tour was encouraging—schools that were trying to be more sensitive to American In...
The Washington Redskins organization and its owner Dan Snyder have been trying to quash opposition to its name from Native Americans who condemn it as a harmful slur...
Alysa Landry
Racial bullying continues to occur at a Northern California high school, even after several students from the Pit River Tribe took a stand against peers who have systematically tau...
Marc Dadigan
Notes reading “Watch Your Redskinned Back” and “White Pride Bitch” were left March 4 in the lockers of two Pit River Tribe students at a Northern California high school where paren...
Cherokee Nation
A new club at Sequoyah High School known as “The Preventers” has students speaking out against bullying and its harmful effects on teenagers...