Anne Minard
The Pueblo of Isleta in central New Mexico decided in a bitterly contested vote to lower its blood quantum, allowing quarter-bloods to become tribal members...
Tanya H. Lee
Harvard Law School left him ill-equipped to serve his tribe effectively in any legal capacity, said Robert Odawi Porter, keynote speaker at the April 29 “Native Peoples, Native Pol...
Dina Gilio-Whitaker
For several weeks now Native American leaders have been talking about proposed changes for Indigenous Peoples in the United Nations system...
Richard Walker
It was a return of authority that should never have been taken in the first place, some say. But the day was worth celebrating nonetheless...
The following is a press release distributed by 30 disenrolled Elem Indian Colony tribal members...
Anne Minard
It’s nearly seven years to the day since President Barack Obama signed a law repealing the Bennett Freeze on the Navajo Nation, and still, residents of the area are waiting to see ...
David Rooks
“They see us unite, and it makes them afraid … see what can happen when we work together?” – Oglala Lakota Tribal member South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard traveled to the Roseb...
Politico Cove Day School Arizona Playground
Danika Worthington
At least 19 tribal schools in Arizona went four years or more without the inspections that are supposed to be performed every year by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, according to a r...
Tanya H. Lee
The Bureau of Indian Affairs announced April 5 that 11 BIE schools are eligible for replacement, but the only one that can expect construction funding this year is the Leech Lake B...
Dr. Dean Chavers
Wallace “Chief” Newman had an affect on Indians probably more than anyone else in the 20th century. He was Richard Nixon’s football coach at Whittier College in the 1940s...