Julian Cola

Shock and disbelief! Outrage and cryptic denial! Expect a healthy dose of these reactions whenever secrets are revealed and the truth spills out. Reservation, even fear, is known to accompany the admission of truths that cut sharply against a façade of normality molded by sweet apple-pie myths....

Steve Russell
Mr. President and The First Lady are on the cutting edge of reality TV. No, Barack and Michelle have not gone over to the dark side. Mr...
Vincent Schilling
Several hundred invited guests to the South White House lawn watched today as President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ...
President Barack Obama recently named Phyliss J...
Harold Monteau

In my view, what the DNC has done in handpicking, from day one, the Presidential Candidate the Democratic Establishment prefers (Hillary Clinton), disenfranchises millions of Democrat voters who truly want the DNC to facilitate a “fair fight” on the Policy Issues ...

Tanya H. Lee
The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 is a big win for Indian country, according to the National Indian Education Association ...
Carielle Bahe Heinrich Washington
Tanya H. Lee
American Indian college students Lydia Doza, Inupiaq/Tsimshian/Haida, and Carielle Bahe, Navajo, have at least two other important things in common...
Stephanie Gutierrez

On July 30, 2012, President Barack Obama signed into effect the HEARTH Act of 2012....

Monique Vondall-Rieke

The November 6, 2015 announcement of the rejection of the Presidential Permit that would allow TransCanada to continue the XL Pipeline project to the Gulf of Mexico was rejected after being placed on hold by President Obama in 2011 amid conflicts of the route of the pipeline through sacred sites...