Sam Laskaris
A star hockey player. An elder who survived residential-school abuse. An accountant...
Fun and life skills are the goal of Jim Warne's Warrior Society Developmental Youth Football Camp. (Jim Windle)
Rodney Harwood
Jim Warne’s Oglala Lakota people have always been nomadic...
Hans Tammemagi
Loud whoops reverberated, spears waved, and deer hooves attached to ankles rattled as a dozen Tzinquaw Dancers of the Cowichan First Nation, their faces painted in fierce red strip...
Tired of waiting and pushing for a nationwide federal-led inquiry into why indigenous women in Canada suffer such a disproportionate rate of violence, the Chiefs of Ontario on Sept...
Sam Laskaris
It has already been a rather successful lacrosse year for Doug Jamieson and Austin Staats...
Amerrique Mountains
Steve Russell
Schoolchildren are taught that the Americas are named after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who came along after Columbus and was the first to understand that he was looking at a “Ne...
Isadore Day

It’s official. Canada is in a recession.

The cold hard truth is First Nations have been in economic depression since Canada carved out the first postage-stamp size reserves over 200 years ago. ...

Katie Hyslop, The Tyee
Indigenous people in Canada are far from apolitical or apathetic...
Hans Tammemagi
Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation, the Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation and other opponents of a development plan that opens much of Yukon Territory’s pristine Peel Watershed to the potent...
Theresa Braine
Mexico won big at the Montreal First Peoples Festival this year, garnering many of the awards announced as the 25th edition of the annual indigenous extravaganza wound down...