Carly McIntosh

In Canada, medical marijuana is to be fully legalised in 2017. Marijuana was given to us by Mother Earth for a reason, yet for many years we let it slip through our fingers. Many decades later we finally have a hold on the substance and in just one step we could have the answer....

Turtle Island residents woke up this week to news that our cereal, eggs and bagels are infused with a potentially cancer-causing compound from the Monsanto weed killer trade-named ...
Colt Rowland Mason Fine Tulsa World
Steve Russell
On the Friday night of October 23, Oklahoma high school football standout and Cherokee Nation citizen Mason Fine frosted the cake on his high school record when he was privileged t...
Environmental experts are reeling from the disclosure that a tumor on a smallmouth bass caught last year in the Susquehanna River is malignant, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commi...
Salish Integrative Oncology Care Center
Richard Walker
This is the new look of cancer treatment: A blend of modern oncology and natural healing through lifestyle, nutrition, and traditional methods such as acupuncture, botanical medici...
The death of an 11-year-old First Nation girl of leukemia who relapsed a few months after foregoing chemotherapy has sparked a coroner’s investigation along with grief...
Smoke in Lungs iStock
Alysa Landry
Hoping for returns that are both financial and medical, the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria has invested in blood testing for the early detection of lung cancer...
Konnie LeMay
A misused gift that Native cultures of Turtle Island shared centuries ago with the world may finally be recognized for what tradition has always known it was...
Timothy Fields Jr., EPA
Sometimes you wake up from a bad dream. You pray it’s not real but when you open your eyes, the reality of the situation is staring you right in the face...
Tony Choate, Chickasaw Nation
VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Cancer’s ultimate victory came calling just when a 20-year-old Chickasaw woman was waging war to defeat it...