Cedric Sunray

Moore, Oklahoma is the community where my wife and her siblings would ride their dirt bikes for miles during their upbringing. It was the place her brother would play high school football and she would run track. A place their family has so many fond memories and stories of....

Cedric Sunray

Senator Maria Cantwell, the chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, stated in regard to tribal provisions in VAWA, “If you think you are rooting out crime in America and you are letting a sieve happen in Indian country you are not rooting out crime....

Cedric Sunray

I recently read an article concerning the murder of a highly articulate, cultural young Indian woman who w...

Cedric Sunray

If you are more familiar with Native Peoples and This Week From Indian Country Today magazines than XXL or The Source, you may want to take a clos...

Cedric Sunray

“…the guys on the real reservations have no concern about federal recognition. They already have it.”

As opposed to what, “fake” reservations?...

Cedric Sunray

What and who are the "Ins and Outs" of Indian Country?...

Cedric Sunray

Last month’s racially motivated killings in Oklahoma, perpetrated by Cherokee Indian Jake England and his white roommate against membe...

Cedric Sunray

A few weeks ago, I read the following paragraph in an NPR article about the Cherokee Freedmen:

"This is not a club; you can't just claim to be Cherokee and show up and be included," says Cara Cowan Watts, a vocal member of the Cherokees' tribal council....

Cedric Sunray

A few months ago, former Governator Schwarzenegger’s admission of fathering a child with his maid once again confirmed the reality of males in positions of fame and power....