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Steve Russell

Cheap shots have been taken at the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—on the ground that most of the Congress that voted for it never read it. The shot is true. What makes it cheap is ignorance....

Chad Smith

I am responding to Steve Russell’s column, “Tribal Elections in the Indian Wars.” I am reluctant to respond to such letters and columns because authors should be entitled to a wide brea...

Steve Russell

It’s election year again in the Cherokee Nation, but every year’s an election year somewhere and democracy is not a spectator sport. You either roll up your pants legs and wade in political waste products or you let others make critical decisions for your life....

Steve Russell

The battle is over, and pundits now stroll to the battlefield and shoot the survivors. I have used this bully pulpit to urge that Indians bloc vote only when threatened as Indians.  My own vote turned on threats I perceived to my family.  Your mileage may vary....

This year Indian Country Today Media Network covered many intriguing topics dealing with political issues throughout 2011...
Steve Russell

After multiple recounts and one court-ordered do-over, Bill John Baker has defeated incumbent Chad Smith to become the new Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation....

Brian Daffron
The campaign for Cherokee Nation Principal Chief between incumbent Chad “Corntassel” Smith and 12-year councilman Bill John Baker has seen many twists, turns, recounts, and appeals...
Steve Russell

When does a tribal supreme court decision affect all of Indian County?...

The Cherokee Nation Supreme Court tossed out the disputed election results in last month’s tribal election that determined the next chief...