A line to vote? Imagine the potential of adding 2,000, 3,000 people or more voters from the camps at Standing Rock.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —On social media and in real life we hear this often: “What can I do to help Standing Rock?” Some answer the question by donating money, many send supplies, and hun...
Henry Red Cloud is running for South Dakota Public Utilities Commission as a Democrat. He will visit the Sacred Stone Camp and bring with him solar lighting equipment. He says: “We simply have to stop accepting and approving poorly planned and disastrous
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — Henry Red Cloud added his name to those traveling to Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to show support for the people of Standing Rock and their opposition to the Dakota...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —My Facebook feed is rolling with new feeds from those headed to North Dakota to join those protecting the drinking water for the people of Standing Rock and Cheyen...
Suzette Brewer
Tribal leaders, delegates and candidates from all over the country turned up in record-breaking numbers at this year's Democratic National Convention, which kicks off today in Phil...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —North Dakota’s primary Tuesday was supposed to be routine: After all the Native American candidates were running unopposed in their primary races...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —This week a small contribution to a political campaign is worth a lot more...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —Tribes in Montana and North Dakota went on record last week “endorsing” candidates. The Salish Kootenai Tribe endorsed Denise Juneau’s bid for Congress...
Gyasi Ross
Quick Story: I remember one of the first public things that I ever wrote (time flies—that was about a decade and a half ago); I was still in school, a wannabe writer and I was hopi...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS – Chase Iron Eyes will officially announce his candidacy for Congress today at the North Dakota Democratic Convention...
Chase Iron Eyes

Our D/Lakota ancestors Vine Deloria, Jr., and Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman warned us of culture vultures. As Westerman sang:

And the anthros keep on digging our sacred ceremonial sites...