AP Nahuatl Incense Procession Basilica of Guadalupe
Duane Champagne
Tribal communities are usually defined by unique family and kinship relations. Tribal community is an arrangement of kinship and relations among kinship groups...
Steven Newcomb

Words are the means by which we configure and create our reality. When we change our words we change our reality. The words we use in our daily lives in our interaction with others constitute an entire reality....

Duane Champagne
A key innovation introduced into the history of social change by the Christian faith is the emphasis on individualism, both secularly and spiritually...
Steven Newcomb

Here’s a mental exercise. Reflect back on the first invaders to sail to this hemisphere....

Steven Newcomb

In 1892, Burke Aaron Hinsdale delivered a commemoration address at the University of Michigan, entitled “The Discovery of America.” The occasion was the 400th year since Columbus’s first historic voyage from Spain to the Caribbean....

Candace Ducheneaux National Catholic Reporter
Vinnie Rotondaro
Candace Ducheneaux, a Lakota Indian with gray-streaked hair and a blunt, feisty spirit, sat down to a metal picnic table at a playground in this dusty, rundown town, one of America...
On the eve of Pope Francis’s visit to Turtle Island later this month, a primer is in order, and the new documentary The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code is the ...
David MacKinnon & Sandra J.T.M. Evers

Can the European discovery and acquisition of land in America, either in intent or execution, be properly characterized as a project to pursue the “holy and praiseworthy” work of encouraging the rise and spread of the Catholic faith?...

Peter d'Errico

Just when we thought the Papacy might be ready to confront its historical role in dispossessing and dominating indigenous peoples around the world, Pope Francis decides to carry forward the process started by John Paul II to make a saint of the man who founded the...