Kieran Cooke, Climate News
The blackened tree stumps stand out against a clear blue sky. The land is burned, and there is a smell of charcoal and ash in the air...
The federal government’s 2014 climate change assessment puts the Standing Rock dispute in context with this paragraph about the Great Plains. “Rising temperatures are leading to increased demand for water and energy. In parts of the region, this will cons
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — On Friday I tweeted : “What an extraordinary day, the federal government has a pulse.” The United States finally weighed in on what many of us believe is the most...
Hillary Clinton said the Paris Agreement is a “testament to America’s ability to lead the world in building a clean energy future where no one is left out or left behind.” Those words must apply to the debate about the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —My ears perked up when I heard that Hillary Clinton was giving a speech on American Exceptionalism ...
President Barack Obama conveyed his message on climate change from Lake Tahoe, Nevada on Wednesday through the words of a Washoe tribal leader, “’What happens to the land also happ...
Tim Radford, Climate News
Global warming may have started far earlier than anyone has so far imagined...
Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of climate change and development battles will be taking their testimony on the road starting on July 18, stopping at various points around Tu...
Tim Radford, Climate News
Climate scientists have coolly established the mechanism by which a warming Arctic will accelerate the warming of the whole world...
Tim Radford, Climate News
Californian foresters have demonstrated once again that money does grow on trees—and they are not talking about commercial orchards...
Richard Walker
Their beaks are elongated, curved or do not meet in the middle, impeding birds’ attempts at foraging, preening and keeping themselves warm and well fed, especially in winter...