Steven Newcomb

In the first chapter of The Evolution of Physics (1938), Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld say they are focused on “the adventurous search for knowledge of the physical world,” and that t...

Rapier Lost Colonist
If you visit the Outer Banks, you’ll hear about the lost colonists—locals even put on dramatic productions about the group who landed in the Roanoke Island area in 1585...
Yamasee War Georgia
Christina Rose
Few American Indian wars were more devastating to colonists and more influential on the development of the south than the Yamasee War of 1715...
Conquistadores Fed Dogs Indians
Steve Russell
No historian seriously questions that the European invasion of the Americas resulted in millions of deaths. The serious debate has been how many millions...
Indigenous Rights Now AP
Duane Champagne
Policy makers and academics often describe the contemporary condition of Indigenous Peoples as marginalized politically and economically...
Peter d'Errico

Damian Webster and Emmy Scott ask important questions in their recent article...

Steven Newcomb

Some years ago, I purchased Latin for Americans (B. L. Ullman, Charles Henderson, and Norman E. Henry, New York: the MacMillan Co., 1962) at a used bookstore....

Alysa Landry
Before there was fry bread, there were sage, white pine, chokecherries and wild buffalo...
Steve Russell
American Indians in the United States know there was a time when we represented 100 percent of the population and owned 100 percent of the land...